History in the making!

Sri Lanka is seeing mass scale decentralized protests in the streets. We see many creatives inspired by this struggle of the people, who are united beyond race, age, status quo, and coming together to peacefully protest the ruling government.

What is Heal Sri Lanka NFT Collection?

Sri Lankan artists, poets and musicians are coming up with creatives inspired by the struggle of the people. Our NFT collection will feature 20 of these artworks/music/poems to create a total of 10,000 NFTs for the collection.

What’s happening in Sri Lanka?

Sri Lanka is going through the worst economic crisis in its independent history. The Sri Lankan rupee has become the worst performing currency in the world  and dwindling foreign reserves has lead to a major shortage of fuel, gas, food, electricity and medicine. 

One of the most terrifying results of the crisis is the shortage of medicine. Doctors have reported that multiple patients have succumbed to death due to the unavailability of medicine. Doctors are requesting donations and help from the community in order to source life saving drugs.

NFT Details

SOLANA Blockchain

Solana is a carbon neutral blockchain which is a popular eco-friendly NFT Chain. Customers can use SOL cryptocurrency for purchase.

Currency Agnostic

Customers/Collectors can use their credit or debit cards and SOL Cryptocurrency to make the payment with the Hyperglade platform.

user friendly nft purchase sale marketplace


We are making these NFTs available for purchase with Crossmint and hyperglade platforms which have integrated wallets and fiat compatibility.


Genesis Collection

30% Minted : First set of donations delivered.

50% Minted : Launch Legacy Collection.

70% Minted : Second set of donations delivered.

100% Minted: Airdrop Mystery boxes to Genesis NFT holders. Third set of donations delivered.

Heal Sri Lanka NFT Collection to help aid sri lankan medical crisis of 2022 charity

How are the funds allocated?


of the funds are donated towards the Sri Lankan Medical Crisis.


of the funds go to the artist.

We got in touch with 2 entities that actively track the shortage of medical supplies. The funds will be utilized in 100% transparent manner, through the following trackers.

  • Redcross Elixir Medicine Tracker (By Watchdog)

Elixir tracks the medicine and equipment that’s in short supply at a national and hospital level by working with hospital and government officials. Visit Tracker

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